The rules are simple and easy to learn! 

All players begin the game by drawing FIVE yellow Partisan and Pundits cards and FOUR green Politics as Usual cards.

Players take turns as The Viewer (we suggest the youngest player in the game, or whoever is the least corrupted by our country’s politics, should be The Viewer first!). The Viewer begins a round by drawing ONE purple Fake News card, laying it down, face up for everyone to see.

Players use the cards in their hand to fill in the blanks on the Fake News card as The Viewer waits in suspense! Every blank on the Fake News card must be filled in. And if players are feeling ambitious, they’re free to fill in a blank with more than one card.

Why are there blanks on the cards in my hand?

Good question! If you choose to use a yellow or green card with a blank, that blank must be filled in with another yellow or green card from your hand, essentially combining them.

Why are there so many parentheses in this game?

Those words and syllables in parentheses are there to “enhance” your headline, but using them is optional. And while reading the headline aloud, articles such as “THE, A, or AN” may be ignored or included for dramatic emphasis.

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Card Combo 4 - JPEG.jpg

When every player has finished choosing their cards, The Viewer decides in what order the players read their headline.

In their best imitation of an obnoxious and unbearable cable news anchor, the player reads the headline on the Fakes News card aloud, filling in the blanks with the cards they’ve chosen.

After each player finishes reading their headline, The Viewer chooses their favorite. Whether it’s the funniest, craziest, or maybe even the most “accurate” headline is up to The Viewer!

The player with that headline wins the round and keeps the Fake News card, which is worth “millions and millions” of viewers!

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After the round is over, players draw cards from the yellow and/or green deck until they have NINE cards in their hand.

Which deck do I draw from?

Players may draw from either the yellow or green deck. However, we recommend having FIVE yellow cards and FOUR green cards, or FIVE green cards and FOUR yellow cards.

And it says I should draw extra cards?

Yes! Fake News cards with more than TWO blanks allow the player to draw ONE or TWO extra cards for that round (all players will go back to having NINE cards before the next round begins).

Going clockwise, the next player draws a Fake News card and becomes The Viewer for the next round.

The player with the most viewers (Fake News cards) wins the game!

But when does this game end?

Like the 24-hour news cycle in real life, Partisans and Pundits never actually “ends.” The game is over when players can’t take the fun (or misery) anymore and decide to stop playing!

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